Monday, 18 April 2011

Grumpy: The inspiration for this blog

My first post, on this my new blog, is a tribute to 'Grumpy,' the disgruntled dog who inspired its title.
I encountered 'Grumpy' in a picturesque Dartmoor village called Widecombe-in-the-Moor in deepest Devon. He had been tied up and clearly temporarily abandoned by his owners outside the National Trust Shop.
It was obvious upon our first meeting that he really wasn't happy and despite my very best efforts to cheer him up with jocular fantasies about future walkies, discussions about fondly remembered bones and assurances that things would turn out alright in the end, he was not to be consoled, or cheered by my pathetic efforts.
I politely asked him if I could take his picture and although he seemed to approve, his demeanor clearly indicated that he was not prepared to show the camera his softer side. Despite my very best efforts, using all the tricks I'd learned to put photographic subjects at their ease, he maintained his sulky refusal to be charmed.
But what really persuaded me to use my photo of 'Grumpy' as a header for my blog, was the fact, that when I showed his picture to my very perceptive wife, she exclaimed: 'My God! That dog looks exactly like you!'
His wonderfully exasperated expression certainly reflects my attitude to a great many of life's insanities. I hope that in the posts to follow I'll accurately reflect Grumpy's justified disenchantment with the world and all its bitter sweet disappointments.