Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cameron the Christian

David Cameron, ex Eton schoolboy and Oxford University Bullingdon Club toff is now advocating a return to 'Christian Values.' For whom exactly?

Presumably not for himself, as this would involve some very unwelcome consequences.

For a start, he'd have to love those who persecute him. If someone were to ask for his coat he'd have to give them his cloak also. If someone slapped him on one cheek he'd have to offer them the other. If a man asked him to walk for one mile he'd be expected to walk two. He'd be obliged to love his enemies as himself and not store up treasures for himself here on earth.

If he really does now believe in 'Christian' values and intends to follow them himself, then I think Samantha is in for a very different future than the one she had anticipated. Of course she need not fear, for none of these values apply to him, or indeed, to any member of his self-serving and increasingly intrusive government.

No, Dave's admonition is meant for the rest of us, who now must suffer the consequences of greed and incompetence brought about, not by an absence of 'Christian' values, but by an absence of intelligence, diligence, sound judgement  and concern for our fellow man.

I applaud his attempt to assert the superiority of some values over others, but in choosing 'Christian' values he's backing the wrong horse.

It's undoubtedly true, that the main values of Western democracies, such as: freedom of speech, equality before the law, equal rights for all, no forced marriage, no female genital mutilation, no stoning people for adultery, no issue of death threats for apostasy, no demand for respect for ridiculous beliefs,  no discrimination on the basis of colour, sex, age, creed or disability, are not simply different from the values of most religions, but are clearly superior.

We should not tolerate, or appease faith based tyranny and we should not be frightened or cowed into asserting the moral equivalence of ridiculous belief systems built upon fear of death, the preachings of priests and the absence of evidence.

By advocating a resurgence of 'Christian' values in our largely secular society Cameron has revealed himself to be at best a woolly-minded and deluded thinker, and at worst a cynical and manipulative opportunist.

I leave you to decide which.

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