Friday, 27 April 2012

Some independent comments on my new novel

All the unsolicited comments below are from writers who have a book on the Harper Collins Authonomy website. I hope their opinions will inspire you to come and meet 'Layla' for yourself.

The Incredible Layla Moon

1. "An almost flawless piece of British eccentricity, this is beautifully written and goes off in wonderfully weaved tangents of comic gold-dust.
The characterisation is beautiful and the sheer depravity of the sex manages to be both erotic and hilarious at the same time - the most difficult feat of all to pull-off.
Layla's victims, be they hideous child trolls, or nasty childrens' party magicians, are a wonderful bunch of grotesques.
In the end though, it is the writing here which is so accomplished. The best Authonomy books make it all look so very, very easy - the literary equivalents of Sinatra's voice. This is most certainly amongst them and stands as a very accomplished work."
Steve Carter. Author of:  'Love, Sex and Tesco's finest Cava.'

2. "The Incredible Layla Moon is an effervescent, sardonic and irreverent fantasy tale for adults. The mood is dry, tongue-in-cheek and humorously impious and increasingly erotic. The prose is exceptionally well crafted and polished, displaying a powerful fluency and command of the written word."
Robert Davidson. Author of:  'The Tuzla Run.'

3. "The names you give your characters and the maternity home and other establishments are enough to split your sides, and the tears of laughter have to be wiped away from your eyes before you can carry on reading. Once dry again you keep scrolling down, entranced by the impeccable syntax and rhythm of the prose.
This roller-coaster of a read is breath-taking in its richness of word-power, description, humour and fast moving action. Every sentence is a gem. The comedy, black humour and the casually thrown in erotic references are mixed in with astute characterisation and exquisite detail of place and setting.
I would like to curl up on a soft sofa with this book and a large slab of chocolate and a bottle of pink champagne, and not move until I finish it."
Sheila Mary Taylor. Author of:  'Pinpoint.'

4. A tale for the present. Well written comedic brilliance. The subtleness of your pen as it seeks to define the eccentricities of your subjects is divine. The sex would make a 'madam' blush, that is if she found time between bouts of uproarious laughter.
I love it!
Phil McQuinen. Author of:  'Danny Murphy.'

5. I read up to Chapter 4. It's a very astounding piece of work. The detail is immense, and I couldn't help but see the story happening. The whole time I was thinking conflicting thoughts about the characters, the story and many other things that were happening, wondering whether or not to be excited, aroused, or just plain scared.It's flawless, beautifully organised and most of all, a GREAT read. I hope to see it on the shelf very soon.
Rachelle. Author of : 'To Save Ella.'

6. I hope I don't come on too strong when I say I F-ing love this book. I could see myself picking up this book in my local bookstore, reading it straight through, and then forcing all my acquaintances to read it also. Your voice and wit in this story is remarkable and I would put it the leagues of Terry Pratchett and Gregory Maguire, it's that good.
Kayla Shaw.

7. I am awed by the author's ability to flow his prose from one time to another, one character and generation to another so flawlessly as to not interrupt the reader's digestion of this superior book. My congratulations. 
Lenore. Author of: 'Surviving the Seaweed.'

If you're not easily shocked, why not come and meet The Incredible Layla Moon for yourself?
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