Thursday, 17 April 2014

Cameron: committed Christian or mendacious manipulator?

So, once again we have to witness the unedifying spectacle of 'Saint Cameron the Committed' lecture the nation upon the virtues of the Christian faith.

His stance upon matters of belief would be slightly less nauseating if his policies and political ideals better reflected Christian values, but his claim that he believes in injecting  evangelical Christianity into the heart of the body politic rings very hollow indeed.  For, in the face of his party's callous and heartless disregard for the most defenseless and poorest in our community he proves both himself and his privileged bedfellows, a bunch of contemptible hypocrites.

His demonstrably false statement that this is still a Christian country is deluded, as is his apparent belief in an invisible sky-god, for which there is not a scrap of evidence. In fact, I much prefer to cast him in the role of a cynical opportunist than a believer in bronze-age desert myths. Since if he's the first, then he's ideally suited to high political office, but if he's the latter, and truly believes in the existence of the Christian God, then he's not of sound enough mind to manage a whelk-stall in Whitstable. 

I genuinely fear for the future of humanity when an Oxford educated politician can claim to believe in the truth of Christianity without fear of incredulous derision forcing him from public life. We shall not even begin to free humanity from fear, ignorance, prejudice and hatred until we inject a large dose of rationality into our public discourse.

As a very minimum I expect politicians to get on with the job of protecting and improving the lives of the citizens who elected them, not preaching the virtues of one set of incredible and unsubstantiated beliefs over another.

So come on Dave, let's have a little less religious nonsense and a little more productive action. You won't see-off U.K.I.P. with an appeal to the comforts offered by a little piety, or  a lot of prayer. 

Is this atheist Ed's reaction to the news that Dave really believes in God?